Ceropegia botrys

This plant is native to Somalia and has been known since1903.

This plant has been difficult for me to grow. It finally began to really grow after almost two years of struggling to keep the cutting alive. Now that it is growing, I will propagate more cuttings that will hopefully be better adapted to my growing conditions in Staten Island. My suspicions are that botrys likes it warmer than I have been keeping it and that it could take more direct sunlight. My plant is still small and I find it to be a slow grower, it also seems to be dormant in winter like armandii, albisepta, and some of the tuberous species.

The flowers are also 'un-tidy' in that once they open, they seem to quickly collapse and the pedicel weakens so that the flower is no longer held upright. However, I find the angled tube, the grayed colors, and the over all shape interesting enough to continue growing it.