Ceropegia denticulata

This plant is native to Pflanzenwelt Ost Africa, Tanzania. It has been known since1895.

Ceropegia denticulata began blooming for the first time about a year after the cutting rooted. It was easy to keep and seemed quite domesticated compared to some other varieties whose tendrils have to be controlled daily. It began to really grow while blooming which is now, in late September. There's been a bud near every leaf and the occasional cool night outside has not caused any harm or blasting.

The plant was so small for so long during the summer that I set its pot and tellis into a pot where Ceropegia ballyana was growing (and not blooming). Now it will be difficult to separate the plants as they have entwined themselves. It is easy to tell which vine is which; the denticulata leaves are succulent, yellow-green with pointed ends; the ballyana leaves more succulent, slightly larger, dark green with a prominent central vein and have a round end.

Here's a closer look at the 'hair' on the flower top.

And now for a look inside.