Ceropegia fusca

C.fusca is native to the Canary Islands and has been known since 1832.

This ceropegia is unusual in that it grows more like a shrub. It makes a very handsome pot plant as the stems grow upright in tight formation looking something like glaucous, gray organ pipes. The stems taper from a diameter of just over a half inch at the base, diminishing at the nodes, to just under a quarter inch in the last node. During the year there will appear two needle-like leaves on the tips of the stems, they wilt quickly if there isn't enough water. I don't know of anyone who has C. fusca, that has seen it flower. I have tried to 'scare' the plant by cutting it back, like I did with the rupicola, still no flowers.

The flower picture came from someplace on the web. Since downloading, I have lost the references, my appologies to anyone concerned. If this is your photo, send me e-mail and I will put your name here.