Ceropegia rendallii

Ceropegia rendallii is native to the Transvaal and the Orange Free State. It has been known since 1894.

Ceropegia rendallii is a fairly easy plant to grow. I have seen specimens with leaves varying in degrees of succulence and hairyness. I chose this particular plant because it was the first rendallii I had seen with red veins in very succulent and fuzzy leaves. The plant I had before (and have since lost) had smoother, longer and as succulent, unmarked green leaves. I was told that this one was a hybrid with woodii, which would explain the purple stems and undersides of the leaves. Both woodii and rendallii have tubers and trailling vines.

Rendallii does not form new tubers along the stems like those vines of the woodii-linearis complex. New tubers have formed, in my experience, under the tuber at the surface. This plant will also spend part of the year without leaves in a dormant state. If kept warm enough, it would probably grow year round. I will keep it warmer this year and see if it does continue to grow and flower through the Winter.

August 2006 - These photos were taken of my new rendallii last summer. This one IS rendallii, it has a tuber which has a dormant period, climbing vines and unmarked, lanceolate, succulent leaves. Here are a few shots. I'll get to the dissection this later summer, my tuber is blooming, but not well, it seems to have lost vigor since last summer.