Ceropegia aristolochioides deflersiana

This plant is native to Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zaire, Chad, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Senegal, with sub species in Tanzania, Zaire, Uganda, and Kenya. It has been known since1838.

This plant has medium thick stems (under 1/4" in diameter) and short spade shaped succulent leaves without marks. The flowers are rather dull in color and there are a lot of them. Unlike most other ceropegias, this one will bloom on the same flower stalk each year, much like its relatives the hoya branch of the family. As the plant ages the flower stalk lengthens and the scars of past flowers spiral around it in a raised line of white spots. So, for this plant I would not recommend cutting it back each year. If temperatures are warm enough, it will bloom before it forms leaves as it comes out of its winter resting period. I suspect that if the plant is kept warm enough it would remain in continuous growth and flower.

September 1999 - I have seen other varieties of aristolochiodes in pictures in ASKLEPIOS. Many of them are very attractive and much more worth growing than the variety shown here. They just don't seem to be available in the marketplace.

Some of my ceropegia friends think that this is another variety of aristolochiodes, even if it isn't, I would like to have a cutting or two to grow.

September 2002 - This picture was taken by Jan Rimmek (jan.rimmek@mhinac.de), He says that this is a plant he no longer has. And that is the case for my plant pictured above.

However, I have a new plant that I got as a cutting fom Paul Shirley. And that one is pictured below.

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