Paintings by Sage Reynolds

I began to paint in oils again about five years ago after nearly twenty years of working in water base media. Painting paste papers gave me a taste for painting on a larger scale and painting with oils gave me the opportunity to use more than one color at a time. In the beginning, I thought the animals I use in my prints would be given more expression and drama in these new paintings, but those attempts ended when the animals proved to be unable to carry my intentions. Geometric shapes have given me what I need to work with, so, I could get on with painting. The paintings are arranged in a somewhat chronological order, the oldest being at the top of the window.

A note about these digital images: I'm making them from the paintings themselves (no scans of slides), the color is pretty good but the lens of our camera sometimes distorts the shape of the canvas. They are all regular squares and rectangles with straight sides.

Stretch your browser to fill your screen and click on a thumbnail, a larger picture will appear in this window. Hope you enjoy seeing them.