Multicolored Papers

The color designation for two colored papers is written like a fraction. The top color is first, before the slash, and the ground color is after the slash. We do it this way because a color on top can have a different effect as a base color.

You can see examples where Gold is the top color, 2044-G0, and where it is the ground in1127-G0 and 1128-G0. The base color is almost always stained by the color on top. Two-colored papers are not limited to metallic colors, pigments can be paired in subtle or contrasting combinations, 5011-G2 for example.

Most designs can be double painted, this feature adds 2 to the Series Number. For example, if you wanted pattern 412-G0 to be painted on a metallic or colored ground, the regular series 5 pattern becomes a series 7. And if you wanted pattern 5011-G2 to be painted in just one color, it would go from a series 6 to a series 4, and if you removed the G2 as well it would become a series 3 pattern.

Color Matching

We have an extensive library of colors. All orders are painted when ordered. It would be advisable to send us a color chip for specific matching. The charge for matching is $50.00, we will make every effort to match your color to our library before reformulating a new color. If you need to see a paper or pattern in a particular color before ordering a large number of sheets, we will send you one sheet of the desired pattern in your color choice for the full retail price of the sheet, plus shipping.

The colors presented in this electronic medium will vary from monitor to monitor and browser to browser. We created these jpegs on a Mac G3 in Photoshop 4 and feel that they are a good representation of our color sense.

If you have questions , feel free to contact us through E-mail here .