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SAGE'S PAPERS are the finest handpainted papers made in America. Each sheet is a painting that can be used to cover walls, screens, boxes, or books; the 100% Arches text stock on which the painting is done handles very well for many applications. A wide range of colors are available as well as a color matching service. High quality acrylic based pigments and micaceous powders are the coloring agents used in our special paste medium.

All gilding is genuine gold or aluminum* except for the G3's which are varigated composition leaf and the G6's which are copper leaf. We will also use genuine silver, palladium, and special Japanese colored leafs when requested.

*Aluminum is used instead of silver in general practice because silver will eventually tarnish, aluminum provides a brilliant and durable 'white' metal leaf effect without the need for a protective coating.

Each sheet measures 25.5" x 39.5" and covers about 6.6 square feet. See the Samples