Sage Reynolds Artist and Designer

This site is undergoing a slow change. The Jewelry Gallery will move to where new work will be shown and be available for purchase.

A recent crash at Canaca destroyed and I had no back up of all the wordpress data. It is unlikely that I will rewrite 6 year's worth of material and metalwork information.

Some of the other parts are being archived.

This web site is still full of interesting things to see.
This is my site devoted to my Jewelry and Metalwork, some parts are under construction.

Ceropegia Journal
The unusual asclepiad vines that I have grown.

YouTube Videos
Bookbinding Lessons,
and Silversmith demos.

Jewelry Gallery
My work with metal and stone, soon to be a store.

Art Side
Paper Tapestries, Prints, Folding Screens, and Lighting.

Original painting in oil on canvas.

Colman Rutkin's Web Site
Paintings in oil on paper and drawings in graphite on paper.

My store is at click on the window to be taken there.
Jewelry and paintings.

Sage's Papers samplebook
This section is to be archived, the papers are no longer being made.

Visit Turbulence
An interesting site to visit.

My Magic Triangles are available. Press this triangle and go to the store.

Miniature Painting I have begun again to paint in miniatures in gouache. Some of these images are re-paintings of images from alchemy and mysticism which appeal to my medieval sense of color and symbolism. The link will open a new window so you won't be far from here while you look at the new work.

Making Japanese screens A complete pictorial description of the Japanese Screen Workshop that I teach every few years. .

This is the link to Sage's Test Kitchen Recipes from Cucina Italiana and Italian Cooking and Living. Newer entries can be accessed from the blog, just click on the "Test Kitchen" to sort the food out from all the other stuff. I've started to add pictures of the recipe in progress for the recipes that need it. Happy cooking!

Send News
Or ask about purchasing jewelry and art.

Write to me if you like the site or find mistakes and especially if you know me, I'd be pleased to know that you visited. The E-mail link is on this 'Home Page', the Welcome Page of the Art Side, in the Ceropegia Journal side frame and in the pastepaper sample book.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

> All backgrounds, text, work, and images ©Sage Reynolds, All art photographs (except those of tapestries on black backgrounds and the paintings) are by Jim Murray, all plant photographs, unless otherwise noted, by Sage Reynolds of plants in his own collection.